Monday, December 5, 2011

Belgium Cover # 13

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Uruguay Cover #12 Neighborhood mailboxes

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Very nice Post Office Box stamps and Cancellation.


The first known reference regarding the use of mailboxes by the Uruguayan E is found in the Report on the Post Office during the years 1858 and 1859 raised to the Superior Government of the Branch General Manager, Don Prudencio Echeverriarza.

On July 18, 1879 was the inauguration of the neighborhood mailbox. These boxes were made of cast iron, solid and safe, cost amounted to the sum of 1500 gold pesos at a rate of sixty dollars per mailbox, and were acquired by Mr. Henry Fynn, representing the mail. Upon reading the word mouth ~ ~ Letters and side-Neighborhood Mailbox ~ ~, the middle box with the hours of service and below the national emblem and the year 1879.

The placement of these boxes are made referring to the neighborhoods of more population and more trade, including those which by their great distance from the Central Office demanded that improvement.

This service had over the years a significant growth, and is so in the Postal and Telegraph Yearbook 1898, we find a list of 73 Neighborhood Mailboxes with its corresponding location.

Contemporary documents state that: ~ Montevideo is now best neighborhood mailboxes many capitals of Europe and America ~