Sunday, November 6, 2011

Four Corners of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah.

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The Four Corners is a region of the United States consisting of the southwestern corner of Colorado, northwestern corner of New Mexico, northeastern corner of Arizona and southeastern corner of Utah. The Four Corners area is named after the quadripoint where the boundaries of the four states meet, where the Four Corners Monument is located. 

The majority of the Four Corners region is part of semi-autonomous indigenous American Indian nations, the largest of which is the Navajo Nation, followed by Hopi, Ute and Zuni Indian nations. The Four Corners region is mostly rural, rugged and arid. In addition to the monument, commonly visited areas within Four Corners include Monument Valley, Mesa Verde National Park and Canyon de Chelly National Monument. The most populous city in the Four Corners region is Farmington, New Mexico, followed by Durango, Colorado.

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4 Corners 

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