Friday, July 6, 2012

Godina Zmaja & Nova Godina stamps on cover from Croatia.

Cover from Croatia.

CDS : Lukač : Is a village and municipality in Croatia in the Virovitica–Podravina County.

Stamps On Cover:

1) Nova Godina 2012:  "Dance of falling snowflakes" The image of a snowflake as a little star is in fact the matter of faith. Only a small number of children have seen under microscope that tiny, white cluster that is caught on the tongue and that quickly melts on palm. The crystal soul of a snowflake is visible in hoar frost, and the firmness of its structure is surmised in ice.

2) Godina Zmaja : " Year of the Dragon-2012. ". The motive of these stamps was a man wrapped with two dragons, and the author is a modern master of traditional Chinese painting, Fan Zeng.

Thanks Josip Mikolcic.

I hope you received my cover. Let me know.


  1. Nice to see the cover has finally arrived .. :) I received several great covers from you.. thank you very much.. there are some new issues in Croatia and you'll get them soon.. :) best wishes!

  2. I received this long time but because of school it was delayed.

    Can you send me link of your blog (if any) so I can post it and see what was condition of the cover.