Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Poisson clown fish and Transparent stamp from France

Adeline André drew a heart in love, heart, hot, molten, a patch to apply love to fall in love " which is created as two fully transparent stamps to illustrate the hearts designer 2012. "the idea of a transparent stamp immediately imposed to me as it will for the background color of the envelope, parcel on which it is pasted. 's heart, symbol of love, the heart stamp used to send letters of love, wedding invitations. 

Clown fish stamp : The clownfish form a subfamily of fish belonging to the family of Pomacentridae . It contains thirty species , classified in one genre Premnas , the other part of the genre Amphiprion . These fish a few inches in shades of orange and black. Some species have stripes or white bars. They frequent the lagoons and coral reefs area Indo-Pacific and Red Sea where they usually feed copepods and larvae of tunicates. (From: Wikipedia)

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