Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cover # 5: Croatia!

Thanks, Ms. Ivanna Perunski.

This cover is from

Going from clockwise, the first stamp shows Jagoda Truhelka (  1864-1957), a Croatian teacher and writer for children and adolescents.

The second stamp has written, roughly, Children's World of Croatia, and has been dedicated to the International Children's Festival in Sibenik. Going into its 51 year, the fair is an old tradition and has thousands of visitors each year.

 The third stamp shows the American brown bear, a large bear distributed across much of northern Eurasia and North America. It can weigh from 300 to 780 kilograms (660 to 1,700 lb), and its diet varies depending on the subspecies and the location.

The main, big lettering of the fourth stamp translates into "And children are entitled". However, without the word children, it translates to "the rights" The small text at the bottom translates into "The Year of the Declaration of Children's Rights" and "The  Convention on the Rights of the Child"The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, or CRC adopted by the United Nations in November 1989, spells out the basic human rights to which children everywhere are entitled. It has since been ratified by all governments except the richest, the United States of America, and one of the poorest, Somalia.

The fifth stamp is a stamp with a picture of Croatia on it.

The sixth stamp is about Woodland Strawberries.Woodland strawberries are fruits that are strongly flavored, and are still collected and grown for domestic use and on a small scale commercially for the use of gourmets and as an ingredient for commercial jam, sauces, liqueurs, cosmetics and alternative medicine. In Turkey hundreds of tons of wild fruit are harvested annually, mainly for export. A plant of the Northern Hemisphere, the leaves serve as significant food source for a variety of mammals, such as mule deer and elk, and the fruit are eaten by a variety of birds that also help to distribute the seeds in their droppings

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