Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Second Postcard Reached its Destination!

Hello Readers,

My second postcard from my postcard galore recently reached its intended recipient.

This is a official advertisement postcard from Recreation Dept. of USA ( which has a picture of a National Park in the USA. 

What really made this postcard special, however, was that it also had a National Park Pictorial Cancellation (with trees, USA flag & animal) and a National Park Stamp! (98 cents Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming)


I think this will be a Used Max Card with 3 things

1) Stamp (Grand Teton National Park)
2) Cancellation (Pictorial Cancellation from Olympic National Park)
3) Picture (National Park)

Following is a translation of his original article, which was in German. 

In the western part of Washington, lies the Olympic National Park. This was founded around 1938. The biosphere reserve of the National Park has been recognized in 1976 by UNESCO. The park is located on a peninsula, almost isolated from civilization and therefore could develop many animal and plant species found only there. For obvious reasons, is the preserve of biologists and zoologists, as assumed in research, like. Consisting of two parts, on the one hand there is the coastal section, which is almost always shrouded in mist.On the other beaches are located directly on the wood, so that frequently uprooted trees line the beach.

The focus of the national park is the mountainous region, which is called the Olympic Mountains. Those are covered with glaciers and inaccessible. There is a park boundary, it lies on the rain forest. This is the wettest region of America. It is named after the Olympic National Park, Mount Olympus, which Captain John Meares in 1788 as this place "where the living gods" called. Logging decimated the forests and enormous President Cleveland declared so in 1897 the Olympic Forest Reserve on. This action protected and guarded the timber. A long struggle for the national park was created. Today 95% of the parking area are under additional conservation. 

The UNESCO named the Olympic National Park a World Heritage Site.

Of course, large areas open to visitors. Numerous rivers give way to the boat trip or even for fishing. In winter, at the Hurricane Ridge to provide skiers and snowboarders show off their skills. Also suitable campsites are available and are mobile to reach. For travelers who prefer more leisurely, two hotels called Mountain Lake Crescent Lodge and Kalaloch Lodge, provide pleasant atmosphere. Paths with nearly 1000 km in length in all directions of the park with nature trails and hiking trails are very popular.

Self-climbing is not excluded. The Mount Olympus, with its 2428 m altitude is not to be despised and the mountaineers are a must. Riding tours in the immediate vicinity of the park are not uncommon and are gladly accepted by visitors. So many different events are offered. Of natural history programs on children, to slide lectures, which are held outdoors.

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